Alice Song reveals Klopp's philosophy of encouraging members

แทงบอลออนไลน์ Alesson Becker, the Liverpool international goalkeeper, revealed the philosophy of the German football team manager Gergen Klopp. Used to motivate team members inside the dressing room Which makes them full of seriousness And never feared when having to bear the pressure of being expected to achieve success as a group of modern people possessing strong footballers And also in Europe

Alisong Becker, the goalkeeper “Liverpool” Reds, reveals the deep philosophy of meeting Kergen Klopp, who แทงบอลออนไลน์ likes to stimulate the “Liverpool” shin in the dressing room. Until miraculously reaching the target in the previous episode .

Often the Reds in their previous outfit have been compared to the great “The Reds” but for now, they have just won the International Football World Cup. World Federation The first time in the history of the club. Allowing the group to fully win all important victories

In addition to winning the Football Association of the World Cup, the club won the group 3 wins (the Champions League and the European Super Cup) as the first club in England in the round. Same calendar For now, the Reds are serious about winning their first league title since 1990, after they have been disappointed many UFA600 times .

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